Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

Online college degrees and distance learning have become very popular during the last decade. Not only are most Colleges and Universities offering at least some of their courses online but even some public school districts are putting courses online as a way to deal with overcrowded classrooms and cut costs. Online lectures can be accessed many times, cutting the number of times the school has to pay the professor to give the lecture. Buildings do not have to be maintained and most of the employees are contract workers who pay their own benefits. This means that the online colleges and universities can be attended for a great deal less money. In many cases, a prospective student can save as much as 60% on tuition fees alone, and when you include travel and meals and time lost in transit, this ends up being a significant amount of money.

There are even Online Colleges That Offer Laptops for use, preloaded with all of the necessary software for your courses, as part of the tuition. Stevens-Henager College for instance, offers degree programs from Associate's through Master's in business, health-care, and Information Technology. This college offers decent laptops for enrolled students who remain in class. The laptop must be returned to the school when you finish the class. Full Sail University, which specializes in the media and entertainment field, has a full range of degree programs and offers students large industry discounts on laptops. The Henry-Putnam University is a highly specialized school that teaches subjects in Intelligence, law enforcement, terrorism/counter terrorism, and military, and is a difficult school to be accepted to. If you are accepted, however, you will be given a new laptop and IT support as a part of your tuition.

The best way to find a good online University, and even online colleges that offer laptops as part of the tuition, is to first determine which of the accrediting agencies recognize the best colleges and then only apply to schools that are recognized by those agencies. The next step, whether you are learning how to become a police officer or a medical assistant or any other occupation, is to find the online school that offers the classes you need to complete without having to attend more than one school.