Online Colleges That Provide Innovative Programs

From Textbooks to Tablets: The New Face of Education

As technology continues to propel the world forward, the very landscape of education is changing. What used to take a dorm room and several hours sitting in a lecture hall can now be accomplished from a simple laptop.  Online education has been around for years but with new advancements in technology it has never been more convenient and accessible.

More than Email

With the addition of video chat, message boards, social media and smart phone applications, connecting with professors and other students is easier than ever.  You can literally take your classroom anywhere you go. Take advantage of your early morning commute and listen to a lecture. Log on to the student message boards at lunch to collaborate on a paper and submit your final projects from your smart phone.

Laptop and Tablet Programs 

Almost all universities, both online and on campus, offer laptop and tablet program benefits to enrolled students.  Some of these benefits include:

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Student Discounts on Laptops or Tablets
  • Multi-Platform Courses  (Learn on your computer, Tablet or Phone)
  • Interactive Course Smartphone Applications
  • Software Discounts
  • Hardware Recommendations and Discounts
  • Lease to Own or Loaner Hardware
  • Technology Tutorials

These innovative technologies make learning more interactive, accessible and social than previously available online.  Some universities offer mobile apps to their students that allow them to connect to their courses, review their grades, access the library and writing center, receive news and updates, and contact student support staff. Kaplan University has a similar app, KU Campus, students can use to view current classes, program grades, course units, and engage in discussion boards with professors and other students. 

Commonly Asked Questions

MyCollegeLaptop receives a plethora of questions about college laptop and tablet programs.  The most common are:

Do online colleges provide free laptops?  No.  There are many colleges that supply students with laptops to assist them in completing their studies.  These laptops are normally a part of the colleges tuition or may incur a special fee as part of the course.

Do community colleges offer laptops to students if some classes are online?  Depends.  If the course work requires the use of laptops, more often than not there is a technology fee for the student to take the class.  In addition, there are also online colleges with associates programs that do have laptop programs for students.

Which laptop is best for an online college? This is a tricky question.  Students that are studying graphic design, arts and multimedia animation programs prefer  Apple Macbooks.  Students on the go like Apple Ipads and business students prefer HP or Dell computers.