Online Colleges That Offer Laptop and Tablet Programs To Students

Learn about online colleges and campus programs that offer laptops and tablet programs for their students. In the digital world, laptops are to an online college what books are to a campus based college.  According to the Sloan Consortium, the number of students taking at least one online course has increased from 570,000 in 2002 to close to 6.7 million in 2012.  Ambient Insights reports that by 2014, 3.55 million students will be in a program that is 100% online.  The record number of students attending college and the promotion of educational access, requires colleges to rethink how they provide students with tools to succeed.  As technology is integrated more and more into course curriculum, it is critical that students have the necessary resources to keep up with this pace. Innovative colleges have realized that by providing enhanced laptop, mobile and tablet services to current students, they have a technical advantage in their studies, which the colleges hope leads to student success.

Online Education Is Growing And Is Viable

As of 2012, almost 90 percent of public colleges and over half of private colleges offer at least one online course to their students.  A ten year longitudinal study by Pearson Education and The Alfred P Sloan Foundation reported that in 2003, 57.3 percent of academic leaders rated the learning outcomes of online education similar or superior to face to face instruction.  In 2012, that number rose to 77 percent.  Employer perceptions of online education continues to grow and Insperity, a recruiting services firm that serves more than 100,000 small and midsize businesses, reports that 75 percent of their clients have embraced online credentials of prospective employees.

Does Brand Matter

My College Laptop has researched 7,000 colleges and universities nationwide to find which colleges offer laptops, laptop discounts, tablet, mobile, tech support and other technological tools with their tuition.  Technological aids are categorized by online colleges that offer laptops, campus based colleges that offer laptops and laptop brands.  While 27 percent of computer users in the U.S. are Mac users, only 17 percent of colleges that provide laptops to students provide Apple/iOS computers. And 83 percent of the colleges that provide laptops provide PC/Windows based computers.

Here is the brand break down of online colleges that offer laptops and other technological aids with tuition:

Dell: 17%

Lenovo: 15.4%

HP: 16%

Apple: 14%

Toshiba: 12%

ASUS: 12%

Acer: 11%

Apple iPad: 2.6%

To date, we have found  330 colleges in the U.S. that provide laptops or laptop discounts to assist college students with their studies.

Are MOOCs Offering Laptops?

MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses provided by a wide variety of platforms like Coursera, EdX, Udacity and Sophia.  They offer courses from prestigious institutions like MIT, Carnegie Mellon, U.C. Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania and state institutions as well, and some of these courses are even free.  At this time, we have not found any MOOCs that offer laptops to students for this type of coursework.

Independence University Online

Independence University has been around since 1891 and for good reason- they know what they’re doing. They offer more than 20 degree programs including Nursing, Public Health, Business Management, Computer Science and Graphic Design. Many of these programs are fully online so students can squeeze in their classes no matter their schedule. Not only that, but Independence provides students with laptops upon enrollment that they can keep upon graduation.

Click here to fill out the form and learn more about Independence University.

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